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Reduce Carbon Emissions

For decades, energy companies have leveraged our AI-based technologies to optimize well construction and drilling operations. 

Per this day, 250+ wells have successfully been drilled safer, more efficient, without sidetracks and reduced carbon emissions.

Avoid NPT

As with preventing hazards, eDrilling uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to foresee what will happen with your well. Software provides diagnostics and first actions to the crew (or directly to the control system), in order to change the drilling plan – to avoid problems, and thus rid yourself of non-productive time.

Hazard prevention

Prior to operations, eDrilling provides you with software to acquire skills and experience on you specific upcoming well, focusing on risk avoidance and handling. 

During operations, eDrilling software at a very early stage detects anomalies, crews are provided diagnostics messages and notifications in good time to make the necessary adjustments.

Optimize performance    

Our software provides forecasting, forward-looking and what-if analysis, allowing for change in parameters for optimal drilling (drilling the perfect well).

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At eDrilling, people come first.  People at our customers, our partners, as well as our own.  That is why we have such high customer and partner satisfaction, and the best people in our organization.  We are constantly on the outlook for the superstars of tomorrow. 

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