{Facilitating the best state-of-the art preparations and real time support for drilling operations}

CNOOC saw a need to strengthen its well construction process, and implement systems for utilization of technologies taking advantage of all the data generated during a drilling operation.


CNOOC established an Advanced drilling Simulation and Engineering Center (ADSEC). This center has been set up with data access to operations in real time, as well as simulation systems for the whole life cycle of well construction: from planning through training to operation/real time and post-analysis. 


A comprehensive integrated downhole and topside training simulator enables training the crews on a realistic representation of the well to be drilled. In addition, the center incorporated an advanced planning system with dynamic models for drilling, cementing, displacements and other well related hydraulics as well as multi-phase flows during well control. 


A state-of-the-art torque & drag model is included to simulate drill-string loads and frictions during tripping, drilling and making connections under any well trajectory. 

30-40% fewer complex situations and accidents

NPT reduced by 60%

80 million USD saved over 100 wells

Increased focus on safety

Advanced diagnostics and advisory in real time

The real time optimization and automated monitoring system has been used with success, and ADSEC engineers continue to use this as a basis for early detection of loss, kick and pipe wash-out, and prevented costly incidents to develop. 

NPT was significantly reduced by 60% in one well. In addition, the RT Monitoring system as well as forecasting with dynamic planning system provides excellent ECD Management. A kick situation and loss situation were both diagnosed at an early state and warnings were communicated to the rig, avoiding potential risks.