• {A paradigm shift in optimizing operations}

    eDrilling is a world leading supplier of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to the energy industry. Working closely with E&P companies, operators, and service companies, eDrilling helps them save cost, improve safety, increase efficiency, and sustainability of operations.

    eDrilling’ s mission is to help energy professionals reach their operational and sustainability goals by providing drilling and well performance solutions needed to better plan, prepare for, perform and evaluate drilling operations.

    Our vision dates back to the late 1980s, when we wanted to create a downhole GPS, or Google Maps if you like, for drilling operations.  Convinced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies would represent a quantum leap in well construction, we set forth what has become a paradigm shift in the oil and gas industry.  For almost 15 years now, leading E&P companies, service companies, and drilling contractors, have leveraged the power of these technologies to improve well construction, onshore and offshore, deep water and shallow water, complex wells and factory drilling.  Globally.

{Letter from the CEO}

October, 2020

Thank you for staying the course during these troubled times

In the present circumstances, six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, I wish to take the opportunity to reach out to you, our customers, directly.  To share my thoughts and commitments on digitalization and sustainability in this current world of uncertainty, and in the new normal that will follow. 


We in eDrilling have been very fortunate, with none of our employees or their close ones being infected by the virus, but also lucky to be able to work closely with customers staying the course as much as humanly possible in this period.  Whilst the pandemic has had mostly negative effects, there have also been a new sense of possibility.


Many of our customers have compressed years of digital transformation into weeks or even days, forever altering the way we (and they) think about well construction. The environmental effects social distancing and lockdown has had, have made many of our customers think of how to sustain this when out on the other side.  These new “realities” has made many of our customers rethink ways in which they are working and directed attention to transforming traditional workflows to be effective in a sustainable, digital, and lower-touch future. 


I am forever grateful to our customers during this difficult time, but while we have demonstrated great progress, I think we together can accelerate and be even bolder in our aspirations going forward.


Hence, I wanted to share the new commitments that eDrilling is taking to address your sustainability and digitalization goals, and to positive impact the lives of energy professionals – now during the pandemic, and when we arrive at the other end. The new reality we are all facing has also moved us to accelerate our plans in order to achieve in 2 years what we had initially planned to accomplish over the course of 10 years.


  1. We commit to continue to reduce the footprint of drilling Our software allows for the latest in AI and Machine Learning to be utilised on old rigs, with perfectly usable drilling-related equipment, and legacy systems. Moreover, we are helping our customers spend much less time per well, both through performance optimization, as well as the avoidance of non-geological incidents causing need for drilling of side-tracks
  2. Our second commitment is to embrace and extend. We are continuing down the path where our customers can reap the benefits of our technologies, without having to rip and replace their legacy software. Providing our software as microservices, we allow you to leverage the investment you have made over the years in legacy software, whether homegrown or industrial, not to mention having to retrain your workforce wrt new.
  3. Third, we commit to help chart the path to the next normal We build on 30 years of experience as innovators (as Hitec, we introduced cyber drilling and generic drilling simulator in the early 90s). This year we already started offering Virtual Decision Support (with RTOCs either closed or undermanned), as well as various Virtual Drill Well In Simulator setups (enhancing and replacing legacy DWOP/DIP as well as so-called “immersive” training exercises and simulations).  

Dating back to the late 80s, we started a journey that have become a paradigm shift in optimizing drilling operations, for hazard prevention avoidance of NPT, and performance optimization. What makes our journey together with all you even more extraordinary is that we have proven that an open and comprehensive approach has also been a force for a different kind of change as it promotes sustainability in several areas.  And with the new commitments listed above, as an eDrilling customer, we invite you to continue to be part in this act of transformation.


As always, we value your feedback.  Please do not hesitate to connect with me, or anyone on the eDrilling team.  We cannot do this alone, and your participation is imperative as we continue this innovative, sustainable, exciting, and crucial journey.

I strongly believe digitalization and sustainability is the way forward.


With optimism,

Toni Fadnes

CEO əDrilling