{Stuck pipe prediction and borehole collapse prevention with automatic diagnostics}

Vår Energi prevented a potential borehole collapse and a stuck pipe incident using eDrilling's automated monitoring software wellAhead, which provides real-time diagnostic support. 

The AI-based software detected the fluctuating real-time SPP values and their inconsistencies with the modeled SPP values, which pointed towards a potential pack-off situation. In addition, wellAhead triggered and automatic diagnostic during POOH, highlighting low ECD values potentially risking a borehole collapse and cuttings accumulation - a reinforcement of eDrilling's commitment towards enabling safer and greener energy operations. 

Potential borehole collapse avoided

Increased focus on risks ahead

Stuck pipe incident prevented

Increased focus on safety

Safer operations with automated diagnostics

Vår Energi utilized wellAhead during an exploration well in the North Sea, with the eDrilling team advising on the software related diagnostics and observations. 

wellAhead is eDrilling's software solution for automated monitoring, real-time optimization and live well support. It is designed for use on the rig, in Real Time Decision Support Centers, and for any individual or teams supporting live operations. It is also the foundation of any future rig-side automation.