Aztech Well Construction and eDrilling announce their partnership to provide solutions for well construction optimization 

26.11.19 09:57 AM By Alina

eDrilling and Aztech Well Construction, a well engineering and well project management service provider, today announced their partnership that will help E&P companies prevent hazards, avoid NPT, and optimize performance. 

Through the application of best practice principles and experienced personnel, Aztech provides complete project management solutions to operators in the oil & gas industry. The company have developed a depth of knowledge and expertise that encompasses the entire process to drill - from preliminary planning, detailed engineering, government approvals, contracting and procurement, through to managing operations at the rig site. 

Combines with eDrilling's AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics software for well construction, the two companies will together offer an all-encompassing solution for operators in the region, to help them better plan, prepare for, perform and evaluate drilling operations. "We keep the best interests of our clients a priority at all times", said General Manager of Aztech Well Construction, Mark Jenkins. "This partnership introduces a technology paradigm shift, and we are excited to provide these benefits to energy companies in the region". 

"eDrilling is strongly committed to helping our customers leverage the power of our technologies to improve well construction performance. This combined with Aztech's commitment to ensure wells are designed, drilled, completed and maintained to high and consistent standards will be a valuable offering for the energy companies in the region", said Derek Nadhan, Manager, Technical Services of eDrilling.

About Aztech Well Construction 

 Aztech is a Well Engineering and Well Project Management service provider. Their work includes projects across Australia and South East Asia with experience in a range of onshore and offshore drilling projects, including conventional oil and gas, shale and tight gas and remote jungle operations. More information on