eDrilling and Obuoy Well Solutions (OWS) announce partnership to provide solutions for optimizing well construction.

18.08.21 05:53 AM By Praneeta Roy Vydyula


Stavanger, August 18, 2021 - eDrilling, a leading supplier of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to the energy industry, and OWS Oilfield Specialists, an emerging leader and specialist in Well Integrity services in the Oil and Gas industry in the ASEAN region, have teamed up to help E&P companies optimize their well construction workflows and processes for greener, safer, and more efficient energy operations.

Combined with eDrilling's AI and machine learning powered software for well construction, the two companies will together offer an all-encompassing solution for operators in the region, to help them to better plan, prepare for, perform, and optimize drilling operations.

 “eDrilling is committed to not only help our customers leverage our Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning powered technologies to improve well construction performance, but also the overarching and all-important goal of making the drilling industry greener. This combined with OWS’s commitment to ensure wells are designed, drilled, completed and maintained to high and consistent standards will be a valuable offering for the energy companies in the region”, said Derek Nadhan, VP Sales and Marketing, of eDrilling.


About Obuoy Well Specialists (OWS):

OWS is an Oilfield Solutions company based in Malaysia and operating in the ASEAN region. OWS strives to address customers’ pain points while unlocking unrealised potential to optimize customers production.  More information on https://ows-apac.com/


About eDrilling

eDrilling is a world leading supplier of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to the energy industry. Working closely with energy companies, operators, and service companies, eDrilling helps them save cost, improve safety, increase efficiency, and sustainability of operations.

eDrilling’ s mission is to help energy professionals reach their operational and sustainability goals by providing drilling and well performance solutions needed to better plan, prepare for, perform and evaluate operations.



For more information, please contact:


Derek Nadhan, VP, Sales and Marketing, + 65 9062 6024, dn@edrilling.no


Obuoy Well Solutions (OWS):

Mia Idorman Ismail, Managing Director mia.idorman@ows-apac.com