eDrilling introduces wellGuide - A software solution for real-time drilling parameter optimization

09.06.22 08:05 AM By Alina
eDrilling, a leading supplier of AI, machine learning and predictive analytics solutions to the energy industry, introduces wellGuide - A real-time drilling parameter software that automatically optimizes tripping speed, flow, ROP,  and RPM within safeguards of the well. 


About wellGuide 
wellGuide is a software solution for rigs where an automated drilling upgrade requires a heavy and costly investment or rigs that need a drilling advisory system for operation optimization.

During operations, optimal parameters are calculated in real-time within the limitations of the well. All operational statuses are detected by the software to find which parameters to optimize. In addition, auto-configuration and auto-calibration are key elements to deploying software without the need for back-office support. Any personnel involved in operations, such as drilling contractors, service providers, and operators will quickly be able to give the necessary operational input, and the software is auto-calibrated during operations.

wellGuide is eDrilling's response to the industry challenges of achieving automation, better performance, and avoidance of non-productive time in drilling and energy operations. In addition, wellGuide reduces operational and material-related emissions while addressing the demanding human support required in the entire decision-support workflow during operations.

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